Marc Saxer, July 2017 | Publication

The Human Economy - The social democratic path to decent livelihoods and development in digital capitalism

The Human Economy, composed of two interwoven economies, puts the creation of income-generating livelihoods front and centre. The digital capitalist…


James G. McGann, University of Pennsylvania, | Publication

[EN] The Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation is Among the World’s Best Think Tanks

In the 10th global Think Tank Rankings of University of Pennsylvania, the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation continues to rank among the best think tanks.


René Bormann, Michael Groß, Helmut Holzapfel, Kirsten Lühmann, Oliver Schwedes | Publication

[EN] WISO Direkt: 27/2017 Shaping Urban Change and Promoting Sustainable Mobility

Important shifts in urban geography and mobility culture demand a new mobility politics focused on quality of life. One that initiates and organises…


Michael Groß, Uli Hellweg | Publication

[EN] WISO Direkt: 26/2017 Building Culture - Key to Better Urban and Rural Quality of Life

Building culture is the key to a decent life in our cities, towns and villages. But politics has tended to neglect this area of activity. That must…


Hanne Albig, Marius Clemens, Ferdinand Fichtner, Stefan Gebauer, Simon Junker, Konstantin Kholodilin | Publication

[EN] WISO: Increasing Inequality Reduces Long-term Growth

German Economic Analysis Using a Macroeconomic Structural Model

good society – social democracy #2017plus


René Bormann, Lothar Binding, Markus Henn, Cansel Kiziltepe, Carsten Kühl, Manfred Lehmann, Achim Truger | Publication

[EN] WISO: Active Financial Policy

A strong state that invests in society’s future viability in accordance with social justice pursues an active tax and financial policy, on both the…


| Publication

[EN|ID|AR] Indonesia - Emerald Chain of Tolerance Book

In Indonesia diversity is generally seen as a blessing and the biggest asset of the nation that needs to be celebrated and protected. Bhinneka Tunggal…


| Publication

[EN] Digital Labour Markets in the Platform Economy

Florian A. Schmidt | Digital Labour Markets in the Platform Economy | Mapping the Political Challenges of Crowd Work and Gig Work | good society –…


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