Sergio Grassi; Stefan Pantekoek; Yannick Ringot | Publication, Event, News

[EN] German Robots in China and the Alibaba Villages

The ongoing global technology-driven industrial and platform-based revolution has been variously labelled as Industry 4.0, Intelligent Manufacturing,…


07.03.2018 | News, Event

Linking the Global Urban and Jobs Agendas: Toward A Policy Framework for Job-rich Urbanization

An urbanization that fails to produce just job opportunities will have far-reaching consequences.


19.12.2017 | News, Event

Sekolah Harmoni Indonesia (Harmony School Indonesia)

Young engaged Indonesian students from various background took part in the Sekolah Harmoni Indonesia, a program highlighting the importance of…


Tuesday, 21.11.2017 - Wednesday, 22.11.2017 - Hotel Aryaduta Tugu Tani, Jakarta | Event

The City Should be Owned by the Citizens and Residents!

…we concluded at the Rujak/PMK/FES Social City conference on the 21st/22nd November 2017 in Jakarta!


04.10.2017 | Event

Presentation on Pancasila and the call for Social Justice

Yudi Latif Ph.D.

by Yudi Latif, head of the newly established presidential working unit on the implementation of Pancasila (UKP-PIP)



25.09.2017 | Event

Affordable Housing in the Justice Economy with UN-special rapporteur Leilani Farha

Together with Rujak center for urban studies and Tempo Institute, and in cooperation with the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture…


20.09.2017 | Event

Seminar on Pancasila as a Way of Life: The Path to Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

Together with University Driyarkara and in cooperation with the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture (Kemenko PMK) FES Indonesia…


Friday, 28.07.2017 - Saturday, 29.07.2017 - Hotel Grand Tjokro Bandung | Event

Focus Group Discussion and Kemenko-PMK/UNPAR/FES Research Project on Best Practice of Sustainable Village Development

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Indonesia office - in cooperation with Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (Kemenko-PMK) and the…


| Event

ASEAN/MoM/UN women/FES High Level Policy Dialogue on: Women Migrant Workers in the ASEAN Economic Community in Jakarta

And launched the study "Women Migrant Workers in the ASEAN Economic Community"

A study commissioned in partnership with UN Women, ASEAN Secretariat,…


Tuesday, 06.06.2017 | Event

My Literacy World and the Impact on Economy of Justice (Panel Discussion)

The half-day panel discussion on: My Literacy World and the Impact on Economy of Justice (Ekonomi Berkeadilan) was the second event on ekonomi…


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