Editor: Dinna Wisnu, Ph.D.

[ID] Populisme, Politik Identitas dan Erosi Ddemokrasi di Abad ke-21 : Refleksi dari Forum Masyarakat Sipil dan Media Bali 2018

Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) is one of the embodiments of Indonesia’s commitment to contribute solution to global concerns, that believe that democracy promotes peace, tolerates differences, and gives attention to what people cares about.

With BDF, Indonesia hosts a platform of dialogue wherein countries across the world could learn about how democracy work, support democratic initiatives and formulate cooperation to promote democracy across the world.  In the year 2018 the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung has the change to cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia (Mofa) to discuss about the declining trend of the democracy. As the reflection of the two event both parties agreed to publish this book with title Populism, Identity Politics and the Erosion of Democracies in the 21st Century.  This publication aims to spread the important thoughts discussed in both BDF-BCSMF 2018 event to a wider audience, not only for Indonesia but also internationally.

Populisme, politik identitas dan erosi demokrasi di abad ke 21

Refleksi dari Forum Masyarakat Sipil dan Media Bali 2018
Jakarta, 2020

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