Friday, 05.05.2017

Public Panel Discussion at Tempo Institute on the Economy of Justice (Ekonomi Berkeadilan)

The half-day panel discussion on Economy of Justice (Ekonomi Berkeadilan) was jointly organized by Tempo Institute and FES Indonesia, with support of the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture (Kemenko PMK) on 4th May 2017 in Jakarta.

Photo: FES Indonesia

Photo: FES Indonesia

The idea of this event was based on the joint interest of Tempo Institute, FES Indonesia and other involved organizations to discuss the nature and quality of the current economic and social development in Indonesia. It has been widely noticed that President Jokowi has put the reduction of inequality on top of his 2017 agenda and the years to come. In this spirit, the introduction of the concept of Justice Economyekonomi berkeadilan - into the political discourse attracts growing attention.

In the panel discussion renowned Economist like Faisal Basri and Enny Sri Hartati discussed with the audience challenges and questions that still need to be answered for achieving an Economy of Justice – like;
How to stop the trend of de-industrialization?;
How to diversify industrial production and increase productivity?;
How to improve the qualification of the workforce?
How to improve the quality of jobs?;
How to improve poverty reduction among the bottom 40%?
How to address the inequality of access to public services?
How to improve data collection?
And how to realize a national consensus that an Economy of Justice is needed?

The expert panel emphasized the need to intensify the dialogue with political decisionmakers and with concerned citizens how to implement the Economy of Justice in the long-run and the short-run.

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